December 1, 2010

Bomb disposal is child's play in India !

We have long been known as one of the most corrupt society on the face of Earth. We the Indians have been brought up listening to the stories of high & mighty politicians, bureaucrats & industrialists who lived happy lives post a sleazy run. Therefore the moral of the story, as we learnt from our parents, and have religiously passed on to our children, is that you got to emulate them to make a mark in the society. Don't be a paranoid crusader who lives by honesty & hard work, be practical and join the mainstream! Well some of my friends, & most Indians make money & lead happy lives following the mainstream path only.The fringe are always knowns as lunatics.

And once you have accumulated wealth by the mainstream means of India then the hands of the law are there to do your bidding. I too have many close encounters with morality and i too have not swayed away from our mainstream path many times, but on occasions when i decided to deviate from the well established path i always got deserved drubbing & lessons too. But still the rebel in me, like most Indians, does still take some liberties.

The recent scandals in India in the end of 2010 look like just gifts from Santa.Lets discuss them and enjoy the talks in media. And soon everything would be all right in the real mainstream way. Life has been like this India for the last more than 5000 years. Yesterday on the NDTV, a senior journalist Barkha Dutt was giving her side of the story in the famous Nira Radia episode. She was hurt for being singled out for condemnation, from a gang of 30 odd other journalists, by a less-circulated magazine whose editor pretends as if his marketing boss has not instructed him to carry the story for obvious gains. He firmly believes that he alone is responsible for this story of the decade. Hahaa. Well his journalistic ethics do not allow him so.

I do not wish to participate in this national debate, as i am convinced that we Indians have already known everything that needed to be discovered in this world, have noted that in our ancient books that are known to the many yogis living along Ganga river, therefore lets chill and or go watch some movie. After-all we have known since ages that bombs & bomb disposal is mere a child's play! Why i say this? My profound apologies for offending your feelings. I too am an Indian, no less patriotic than anyone else, probably i have given more to India than taken from it. Yes. I have always felt that i have given more to India than India had returned to me. I have given to India a tax paying, educated, law abiding & productive citizen but it has failed to give me freedom, justice and suitable work.

India must not try to debate about truth in public it could misfire and change its course in the the direction of truth & justice. If media does not stop talking about corruption in higher places then soon it would discover that its own ilk is no different than the rest. Its fashionable for the masses to blame the leaders when actually there can not be many corrupt leaders if the masses are not corrupt. We as a society gives God's status to money, no other society on earth has a god of money except us, therefore everything else like sacrifice, beauty, hard work comes second to pursuit of making money.

India must not bring discussions about corruption in society to the forefront, otherwise we must be forced to change our path away from pursuit of money, and that would be a catastrophe.

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