December 5, 2010

Groupon Clones in India

It had to happen, anything that starts working somewhere else must be cloned and tried out in India too. It happened to organised retail, once wall mart topped Forbes list our smart business managers thought it would be easy to replicate it here, the blue collared IIM guys thought that with little deep pockets they could roll it out like a Bihar flood. No, i repeat, no retail company in India has been able to achieve there goals despite several corrections. The simple answer lies in the nature of indian consumer markets, we are not like the USA in any manner therefore how could the hope replicate an american business here?

Once again, whoever you meet these days at seminars and business dinners they would be raring to share there newest passion about groupon clone they have put together for India. Lets wait & see what happens to these indian groupons?

Indian consumer has demonstrated very clearly that except for convenience goods they are averse to buy any other stuff online. We indians buy slowly, very slowly and internet would take little more time to build up among the numbers comparable with the mobile phone. And i don't expect a guy who owns a 2G phone to buy online with mobile interface! How many subscribers have gone for 3G phones?

The most important bottleneck to the online buying through bidding is not the technology or the disposable rupee but the the prevalent trust deficit in India that has been the perpetual nemesis of the marketeers in India.

Online bid based buying would continue to be a like a multiplex film targeted at only 80 years old!  

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