October 23, 2009

Political advertising lessons from Haryana

Communications is part of the product experience. But still you millions of smart products failing in the market due to poor communications. And sometime poor products succeed on the basis of some great communications. Political parties also face the same situation in their pursuit of influencing the voters’ mind.

Before October 13 election day in Haryana most political pundits, and all Congress men, were talking about the sure shot victory of Hooda government. Strategically speaking Hooda government would have won the elections by better tally if they had not messed up their own campaign.

On September 1, 2009 my opinion on the possible defeat of Hooda government had appeared in the Times of India Chandigarh edition. And it has been proven. I still insist that political marketing should be left to political marketing professionals otherwise the political parties could lose a perfectly winnable election.

Hooda government had done good work and could have managed a better election result only if they had not gone for the ill advised Haryana No 1 campaign and would have maintained a low profile.

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