October 7, 2011

Steve Jobs

Whenever I was in trouble in last couple of years, I would listen to Steve rather than pray to God.
I did not know much about the person till I happen to watch the video of his address at Stanford graduation ceremony on Ted.  That particular video left me dumb founded about his ability to articulate his philosophy in a manner that perhaps only a Nobel laureate in literature could do. ‘How to live before you die’ is a seminal statement that proves Jobs’ powerful intellect and persona.

I have shared that video with many students & teachers at various business schools with the sole aim of propagating the views of Jobs about life, loss and living. There are many business leaders who have earned billions by investing in commercial activity but none comes close to the value creation demonstrated by Steve.

Steve’s charismatic strength lies in his ability to differentiate a great value from ordinary. He was a true innovator & pioneer ever to walk on this earth. His understanding of human mind was greater than the research produced by large organizations struggling to fathom the working of human mind. He understood what people desire and he gave it to us.

Steve Jobs is a great marketing guru and we need to understand him better. 

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