December 24, 2010

New Year Resolution for 2011

Honestly let me admit that i am not very fond of new year resolutions, as i do not feel that new year begins necessarily on 1st Jan for everyone on Earth. A true new year would be when we make a new beginning of sorts in life. If we continue with our past routine in the new year too then whats new about the new? Therefore we must strive to initiate something new in our respective lives to make them more meaningful & worthy. My best friend has already left me in 2010 for a better future without me so i can learn my lessons from there and move on with my new life in 2011. Thank you friend!

A New Year resolution must not be along the trodden insipid lines like a desire to buy a new dress or eating out at a fancy restaurant or buying a new car, that would be what i call ordinary. Okay let me list few new year resolutions here so that other could add to the list:

1.Wear your trousers that you acquired in 2008, lose enough weight.
2. Run 10 kms without stopping.
3. Travel to some new place alone for a week
4. Resolve to hear no one for a week
5. Avoid bad friends for one year
6. Work 24x7 for one month least
7. Help a friend in need with money
8. Seek no help from anyone for one year
9.Walk alone for 100 kms without a break
10.Eat same food 3 times a day for one month
11. Forget that friend who left  you shaken & hurt
12. Be genuine for a year, avoid all classical smartness
13. Break free from at least one social norm
14. Fall in love with life again
15. Tell your teacher you don't understand the lessons in the class at all
16. Shout out loud at a public place

I invite suggestions to expand the list

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