December 28, 2010

Product Ideas for Success

All marketers know that a great marketing strategy has to have a highly differentiated product at its core. But most products have tend to look & feel the same leading to confusion in the mind of the customer. Well you would say that there are limits to incorporating the functional or augmented differentiations built into the offer.

Packaging comes very handy but do not go far to the second moment of truth for the customer experience. Shapes, sizes,  pricing, distribution points etc could crate sustainable differentiation too. Its possible to create a core product for each category and then go on augmenting it to the fully loaded version. Lets take a case of newspaper.

A daily newspaper carries sections like politics, technology, business, sports etc bundled together into one whole inflexible offer, What if you need only tech & sports sections only? Noo, you can't have them? Why not? Its time we have newspaper who show greater respect to readers and provide news strictly as per requirement. Days are over of the pontificating editors telling how to tie our shoe laces or address a political boss. The new democratic global order warrants that the customers be respected for any success in the marketplace. Hope we shall have such customized papers soon in the market and like we choose our news, entertainment or sports channels we could also have the freedom to select the newspaper portions too.  

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