November 27, 2010

Indian Newsmedia

If you want to know a country tune into its news channels. Well i see lots of media as it is one of my prime field of study & work. I don't see much of Hindi news channels as i lack the courage & intelligence both to understand their content which certainly can't pass off news as i learned in my mass communication classes. If astrology wasn't enough, you may hear plain farce dished out by stupid astrologers with approvals from idiotic editors.Large parts of India still believes that you can not drink or eat meat on Tuesday,  Even the Earth does not have a Tuesday all over it at the same time so how come you can drink in the USA not in India at the same moment? Crazy!

Times Now is a news channel of timesgroup that has an editor by the name of Arnab goswamy, at least he should justify the later part of his name and go become a swami. Go swami. His hollow attacking mannerisms & equally tasteless commentary scares the shit out of a decent intelligent  person. He justifies attacks on Kashmiri leaders because according to him they are subverting arnab's idea of India. What the hell is Arnab's idea of India? Any Indian can criticize India, its our fundamental right. If i can criticize my father i bloody well can criticize India too. My forefathers have sacrificed more for India that Arnab's. Political boundaries of India has been changing as in the rest of the world depending upon the social movements of the time and they would continue to be so for time immemorial. India is the present form was born in august 1947 only it my change in future so whats arnab's problem? Goswamy knows pretty well that one need not be intelligent, erudite, deserving, honest & talented to get a job in India. We are a corrupt society and jobs are obtained on the basis of your caste, religion & other funny criterion too.

Arnab Go swamy must not attempt to poison young people and shut up free debate in the name of puerile nationalism. He should learn few lessons from ManMohan Singh & Sonia, Rahul Gandhi and tone down his vitriolic shibboleths for the sake of democratic peaceful India.

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