February 11, 2011

The Wake-Up Manager

Recently during interviewing candidates for sales for a client in Punjab, I was told to select at least one guy who is unfriendly, mean & without any manners. I was surprised because till today no one has made such a demand for such widely available virtues. I have great respect for this entrepreneur because he is almost hundred eighty degrees away from such qualities. The candidates called up for interviews had good academic and professional records. 

I tried my best to short list three such persons, with whom I would have never have thought of working together. But before we began the final round, I could not resist myself from asking the entrepreneur regarding the need for such a guy on the team. He, knowing me well, could not contain his laughter, said, that there are two main reasons for having such a guy on the team. Firstly he would constantly remind us what how we should not behave with others, secondly he would keep informing us whatever is going on in the team without we ever bothering to know. And we would call him the wake up manager.   

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