February 11, 2011

Pray or else

Pray or else.....Fear should be made a criminal offence. No one should be allowed to be afraid, fear any one or any thing. It is the fear that makes the life meaningless. India had long been governed by the powerful people and institution that live by fear. Belief in God has also been linked to fear. Pray or else..? 

Let us stop being afraid of our Gods and instead love them if you like. Ask them to make things better for us Indians or leave us to our own devices. In order to progress and live happily we need to stand up and face. I been travelling 240 kms every day four days week to work. I did not die in a car crash, so why be afraid.

Old civilizations world over used to revere the Sun god. But if we examine it closely we would find that countries around the equator have not been blessed with prosperity  by the Sun god with the exception of middle east. On the contrary countries away from equator are rich, powerful & happier. Lets resolve to banish our fears.

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