February 24, 2011

Education as a Ritual ?

Why do we Indians believe in ritual, without caring to respect the substantive. Our education is as bad as the other aspects of society. We are people who would happily be singing  'saraay jahaan say acha ..while peeing. spitting at public places randomly. We remorselessly burn kill in the name of religion, caste and other meaningless divides. We revere the Ganga but can't keep it clean? We have political parties named .......a, b, c,d...Sena, ain't our armed forces enough to protect the country? 

One visit to IITs & IIMs would get you real dismal picture of the standard of teaching there. Its easy to get rich & successful in India by stooping low and having your intelligent quotient less than the average. Just stand up for honesty, beauty & intelligence and you have hoards of marauders vying for your blood. Talent has no place here...otherwise  how could we loose battles to every johnny including a pvt ltd company from England? 

We are afraid to face positive criticism...why can't some social, religious or political organsiation convince Mr Narayanamurthy of Infosys to join them in building the country? Good people have no place in public life in India they are hounded out by half baked self proclaimed decadent leaders. India is my country and i am sad for it. Lets not shut our eyes to the people's movement for quality in governance forcing the rulers to show respect to the people.

our education system is as bad as other systems in India. A university topper [1986] could not get a lecturer's job in journalism department of Punjabi university patiala because the VC had decided to give it to his niece, sic.

Mr Kapil sibbal can not or does not want to do anything to improve the system. He has his own axe to grind. Why can't IITs/IIms employ industry professionals with years of achievements without the ceremony of PhD or Masters? How would you bring professional culture in classrooms without them? I have known a vast number of marketing professors who just pee on 4Ps without explaining the relationship with the shop floor. I had to leave a privately run management institute because the promoter/director of the institute was certain that sales is part of marketing function and when i told him an example that sales could be an independent function too and sometime more pervasive in a nascent market, his ego was hurt and my job..hahaa.

IITS/IIMs get PSU consulting projects only, even those projects they are unable to handle. Why can't they get projects from international corporates like the other institutes globally? UBS at PU Chandigarh has marketing teachers who can not tell names of advertising agencies, market research teachers who have n't heard of Nielsen? 

How many professors are there who can teach the subject of their own choosing? On a personal note, how many Marketing Management professors in India would know the profile of Indian consuming class? How could we have good MBAs then? IIMs are just names because they get best of India students, as for teachers they are like we get anywhere else. 

Kapil Sibbal can ask Nielsen or another research agency to seek opinion of students of IITs/IIMs & other national institutes on the academic standards & teaching quality. The rot is all pervasive..its not going to change unless the society changes..till then VCs & other leading academia would continue to be entrepreneurs & social engineers.

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