February 23, 2011

Appliances for Indian way of life

Home kitchen appliances market in India has many players but the action seems to be missing. Its is still dominated by refrigerators,  burners, mixer/grinders, food processors, microwave, dish washers, washing machines, coffee makers, soda fountains etc. Mostly the manufacturers follow the global trends to introduce the appliances. Therefore most new product launches do not do well and need huge effort to move off the shelves. Indian habits are markedly different from the west, so why not market appliances suited for Indian way of life.

We still do not have a dough maker for kneading the flour frequently? Could you recall any brand that come to your mind ? A food processor with limited capacity can't be an ideal option. Are we waiting for a global appliances major to introduce one for us to wake up? India needs a sturdy, sophisticated dough maker enough to serve  a family of 5 persons. Do you need an opportunity assessment study?

Dish washer is fine, do we need a vegetable washing and dicing machine?  You surely won't frown at the idea of a automated veggie cutting machine to give you chopped veggies as per requirements. Infeed surely can be sensor controlled to adjust the chopping blades make appropriate cuts.

Electric rice cooker is unsuitable for most Indian kitchens that's why it is no longer a good Diwali gifting idea. Indian appliances industry  could benefit enormously from the economic growth if they could come up with new smart machines for the kitchens.

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