January 14, 2011

Sachet Marketing for Desi ghee

You would wonder whats that thing called Sachet Marketing? Well we Indians know this very well. Indian consumers  have huge following for this packaging that has given many successful products like paan masalas, shampoos, ketchup etc. Since India is a developing economy with high savings rate therefore consumers prefer to buy in small quantities in greater frequency as we have time. Even TATA Nano could be seem to be coming from same mindset which is called sachet marketing!

Few months back i suggested to a diary company to introduce pure ghee in sachet packing, but despite their acceptance they haven't gone ahead with it. The reasons could be related to operations & commercial philosophy etc. Well all fmcg guys prefer larger packs for volume movement.

There are millions in India who wish to eat desi ghee but can't afford it. Students could carry them to hostels,  restaurants could place them on the table along with salt. Moreover diet conscious could restrict the craving to one sachet and enjoy the food, the list could goon. Imagine what telecoms has achieved by working at the bottom of the consumer of the pyramid.

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Anonymous said...

It is certainly a workable and innovative solution of packing small 5ml / 10 ml Desi ghee in Sachet which can find wide acceptance & mass consumption in all sectors of society. We will try to introduce this concept in the dairy plants after studying the commercial viability.
A.S.Garg (Dairy Consultant)
ASG Engineers Pvt Ltd, Delhi

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