January 27, 2011

Optimal Returns on Marketing Investments

We assist our clients to grow fast by strategizing the marketing for
Optimal Returns on Marketing Investments

Dear Sir:

ou would agree that in order to succeed companies must infuse newer ideas, products and processes to acquire, satisfy and retain customers. It’s the Marketing function that usually does this job for you. Do you remember the last time you reviewed your Marketing plan? When did launch a new product in the market? Which new market did you entered & consolidated? How did you collect the market feedback and used it to keep ahead of the competition? What was the impact of the last sales training in terms of new sales? There are many such questions in the marketing domain. Do you feel it’s time to revisit the marketing plan to infuse new life in your Marketing & Sales?
Anahad MC is a strategic marketing consultancy focused on improving our clients’ returns on the marketing investments. We specialize in measuring and improving marketing productivity and developing strategies for driving top-line growth through innovative marketing.  We serve both B2B and B2C clients across several sectors. We are agile enough to work as per your agenda with inputs from our expertise in the field. So you would have us as additional support to you for designing a winning strategy for the market.
You must have noticed that all too often in India companies do not have a clear plan or strategy to achieve the marketing goals. Most companies follow a trial & error approach. Some try to follow the competition with the hope to survive & beat them at it someday? Others invest in advertising such as yellow pages, newspaper ads, even radio and television without setting clear goals & directions. Isn’t it? You would agree that without innovative research, planning and analysis, the marketing efforts could lead to wastage of resources thereby affecting the top line.
A successful marketer must connect & bond strongly with customers without ever taking off his eye from them.  We would bring innovative ideas for your marketing team for more productivity in the marketing & sales.
You would agree that marketing must be able to convey your message consistently to your customers. We help you discover what your customers want and need and how to engage them profitably. Our integrated marketing process consists of understanding your customer’s needs, developing a marketing strategy, building and implementing an integrated marketing plan, and tracking the results. Although the process appears to be simple, most companies have a hard time developing a marketing strategy that includes an interactive approach that actually ENGAGES the prospects & customers.

Well, you would like to know about the cost involved in this initiative? Please be assured that our services you would actually end up saving money. We would be assisting you on cutting the wasteful marketing expenditure; therefore, you won’t have to enhance the budget for us. A comprehensive marketing plan differentiates a great company from just good ones. Let us find out what your customers want and then help you give it to them. While we focus on long term goals, our strategy remains focused on achieving short term revenue targets.

Marketing Clinic
Our innovative per day based service could help you get a preliminary check up of your marketing needs. We would analyze the problem & suggest remedial actions at a very nominal day based charge only.
Whenever you feel the need to revisit your marketing plan, please feel free to ask us for assistance, Thank you.                  

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