January 8, 2011

Indian Mythology & Chinese History

You would wonder what it has to do with marketing? Well our vocation is to keep our ears close to the ground for monitoring the behavior of  consuming class, isn't it? The India-China comparison has become a major subject of study in local as well as global context. I am an Indian, who has been to China for business. Recently one of my good friend Jitin Thukral ( Thukral & Tagra), a globally renowned artist/painter spent a full month in China, what he told me about China is the same thing that he would not believe when i told him so! Jitin thinks China is comparable to the USA & Europe, and sadly India has no real race with China except that  we are neighbors & developing countries.

China built the great wall much before Robert Frost discovered that good fences makes good neighbors. India China has great Himalayas thats shall be our friendly wall for a good neighborly living.

The Chinese has made quite a lot of western ideas redundant in areas like Banking, Privatization etc. One previous Indian government inspired from the western line went on to create a ministry for Privatization of public sector undertakings without ever finding a new way of developing our economy.  Efficiency does not come with mere handing over reins to another set of people but what with values and competency of the people at the helm.

Alibaba dot com is a public sector enterprise from China that India the mecca of IT have failed to deliver for catalyzing the global trade.  Its embarrassing that we the land of Small & Medium Enterprises do not have a online directory so that they could get listed in global trade. Why can't we do little things to make our companies & products available on the internet? We don't need an IMF guy to tell us so after all governments spent millions in the name of industry promotion.

I know of at least one directory of the SMEs from Punjab promoted by Punjab State Electronics Development Corporation on private public partnership route that has failed to take off. Though its was not meant to take off at all. Private public route has become a major means of defrauding the country and must be   reevaluated. Please name a PP venture that has succeeded.

Full privatization in India is just like spectrum or mining or land allotment  wherein unscrupulous make hay. China has always had its own thinking, and once more it has demonstrated & convinced the world about their abilities, values and skills in transforming itself into a super power. We too require to find that qualities within us that could propel us on growth path and rid our country out of monstrous poverty and incompetency.

Rahul Bajaj appears on many channels talking about how India should grow without admitting that his tribe has grown in a domestic market with strict government controls only. What way such so called industry leaders show us to succeed globally? We need to learn from the  TATA, Infy, Mahindra, Apollo, Wipro & Oswal spinning to write our happy history, otherwise we may not be a great country except in mythology. Lets us wake up, start working and respect the values like honesty, integrity & meritocracy. Meritocracy must prevail if India wants to become a super power.

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