January 12, 2011

Facebook in Print !

Agreed, the print media in India is growing at a healthy pace as against the worldwide trends of negative growth. But that’s what is unique about our Indian Consumer Markets.  For instance the global telecom industry has 20:80 ratio of pre to post paid users, we have a achieved almost 70 percent penetration, let’s wait for number portability which would reveal the true picture, in the market with a reverse structure.  In many other FMCG/Durables market we have similar story to tell as compared with the developed world and China etc. My point is that B-schools need to include full paper on Indian Consumer Market Structure & Dynamics, though including E2E subject would also be of help to the MBAs and industry in general.

Let’s be warned by charming growth figures of print media as technology can actually shake up the financial planning of many expanding and new players. The biggest danger is rapidly enlarging displays of the handheld devices. Print media publishers must be prudent with new investments in this sector. Print media may keep growing in size for another decade in India but it would have to work on a new business model based on circulation/news revenue against the traditional advertising dependent model.

It’s time that the print media introduces innovations that could keep the readers interested in the product. I am sure it’s time we do a Facebook in print in India. It’s possible with little fresh thinking with me! 

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