June 14, 2008

White lies, half truths...& pure Marketing

Do you believe in marketing? How often you have come across people making blantantly fake claims about their offers? When you would have asked them why they were doing so..you must have got back a reply like...come on i was doing a little marketing!!! Can a half truths or white lies pass off for in the name of marketing?

Well how can we imagine to get into a reasonably long term relationship that has been based on lies, be in in personal life or professional. The buck shall find a time and place to stop.

When i come across adverts promising 70 & 30 % off in mainline english media in print, tv and digital my marketing sense bleeds. How can we succeed by doing business with not so smart customers? lots of such marketing communications are being passed off in a rapidly developing country like india. Since large sections of our society are going through a SEC profile transformations the products with low proces are flying from the shelves. With low level of current product penetration the businesses are not bothering about delighting & retaining customers. They are smug and sure in their belief that new streams of customers are being added to SEC a,b, & C therefore they would plently of fish to catch in the sea.

When a business is targetting new customers upgrading from lower SEC strata they forget to give due weights to the purchasing power and ease of purchase. A repeat customer brings more money to shop and shops fast. It would be logical to get facts right and use marketing to delight the customer.

I wish traditional business in Punjab, Haryana, and HP should have a second look at their marketing strategy.

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