June 16, 2008

Tata NANO's mega-marketing plan for EU

The media and students of marketing strategy and business management are virtually dumbfounded by the the timing of the launch of TATA's NANO and TATA's acquistion of Jaguar & Land rover, aren't we? Do we find a link between the two events?

It is generally explained by & in the media that tatas wanted to balance its product portifolio therefore Mr Rattan Tata, that honorable genius-donnt we all admire him!,decided to go for both. WRONG!

In my opinion the acquisition of jaguar & Land rover has nothing to do with any balancing act whatsoever. But a strategic marketing move to market NANO in lucrative EU market. Am i right Mr Rattan Tata.

Acquisition of jag gives TATA motors the access to strong distribution network in EU with an incredible product synergy. A customer walking into jag or rover outlet to acquire a lifestyle product may not mind shelling out 5% extra to express his/her concern for environment by driving a small car for local driving.

NANO can safely get parking space in the wallet and garage that boasts of lifestyle autos. Come on tell me if i am wrong Mr Rattan Tata

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