June 3, 2011

Career Planning & Corporate Orientation workshop

Career Planning & Corporate Orientation workshop!
Dear Engineering & Management students: We understand that most often you do not get industry experienced mentors to introduce you to various options available for your dream career. We would enlighten you about the job options available in corporate, train you for the interview battles & arm you with ammo required for a rewarding job hunt safari. Classes are planned for Sat-Sunday to fit your needs. Cheers. 

Morning Session
Post Lunch Session
Ice breaking & Formal Introduction

Movie on business Management
Identifying your personality type

Personality to Industry compatibility- which function/sector would be fit for your type
Effective Resume

Attractive Cover letter
Preparing for Interviews

Role Play
Prepare your Elevator speech

Prepare for war in the interview arena.
Professional Etiquettes

Hygiene Factors & manners - Role play and Video session
Winning in Group discussions

Feedback and Role Play
Voice Culture and impact

Recording & feedback session
Social Media Marketing for job search

Social media training session.
Contours of Global & Domestic industry

Shooting resume to suitable companies & discussions


                      Course fee:       9500 only
                     Duration:         60 hours 8-10 days [Sat-Sunday]
                     Batch size:       25 participants
We welcome our students to take advantage of our customized Career Spa for selecting a suitable career & winning at the interviews. Video resumes for the fresh graduates are most desirable in the current corporate environment.

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