June 3, 2011

MBA has changed

MBA/PGDM course continues to be taught the way it used to be in 80s in India. Even the curriculum in most places has remained unchanged. Well PowerPoint presentations have replaced the overhead projectors but contents and pedagogy remains mostly the same. The question is do we really need a new way of dissemination of knowledge with learners?

MBA/PGDM is a business management program that prepares human resources for the industry. Has the industry undergone any change in last couple of decades? Have the processes and concepts of managing business changed significantly over the past years? Is it enough for a person to get acquainted with few concepts and analytical tools before entering the corporate for a successful sojourn? The questions are many so are the answers. But definitely a good MBA/PGDM qualified person continues to command higher value with the passage of time. An average MBA/PGDM degree holder may have lost it sheen completely.

How to be a valuable MBA/PGDM so that corporate takes interest in you? Let us list the steps required to become a good MBA/PGDM;
1.Decide/select the industry and function you wish to work with in the first semester itself.
2.Focus on intensive study of the select sector/vertical while writing assignments & tests.
3.English is no loner a foreign language, therefore go for Chinese, Korean or Japanese.
4.Keep regular track of your industry selection by interacting with working professionals.
5.Learn Excel thoroughly & read one local & one global business magazine.
6.Try your hands at a small business or simulation before taking the maiden step in career.
7.Post your video resume on every possible website directly or indirectly related with your chosen industry sector.
8.Undertake extra study to build your intellect & aesthetics through appreciation of fine arts.

Teaching of MBA/PGDM would take years to change itself to align with the industry requirements therefore its incumbent upon the student to set his own agenda for a successful career. Wish you a happy career.

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