April 20, 2011

System & Swamis

A popular neophyte swami in India features on many television channels admonishing government to mend ways otherwise his yet-to-be-launched political party would capture power. The swami has already blessed masses with a mantra to check hairs from graying by rubbing finger nails. I wonder the usefulness of yogi's divine mantra when same results can be obtained with a hair dye? But you know swami's ways are always mysterious.

Your heart would stop when you listen to him dishing out advise on Indian economy and tackling corruption. He has never studied economics, though he owns a university now, but he looks just spectacularly self assured about the correctness of his advice. On the other hand,our poor PM Dr Manmohan Singh who is a man of greatest humility, integrity, admired globally for his knowledge of economic matters and has been voted as finest Finance Minister by Times magazine, fails to convince this 'swami of exercises' on his record of good economic management of India ? What a cruel joke! A swami claims to know everything from yoga-he did not invent it- healthcare, economics and what not? Sorry I am unable to contain my shock & bewilderment. I wonder why this master of light exercises (yoga) does not train his pupils to get some gymnastic golds for India in Olympics? Otherwise what else can he give us?

These swamis have fed our illiterate masses that India is poor & populous because 'someone else' is responsible for our problems & it is that someone else who has to correct itself so that we could have respite. Its not only illogical but completely stupid not to take the responsibility for our present. Our journalist are freely blowing their trumpets and casting aspersions on everyone including some fine gentlemen whom our erudite newsreaders could not even understand. Its like writing a review  for a Chinese films without watching a single  shot of it.

Recently while travelling from Delhi to Chandigarh on the evening  train i met with a swami follower. He was serious that politicians have manipulated the systems in India thats is causing misery & lawlessness in the country. When i asked my friend that how many of us are law abiding citizens he was surprised to find out that we mere presence of traffic lights in not enough for us to follow the rules. We would jump any traffic light if some authority figure were not standing there. Why do we need police to make us follow our own laws? We have great systems in India there is need to follow the rules & strengthen the institutions. Corruptions begins with us as individual and we need to check it in favour of a merit based society.

There are lots of things that an individual & civil society must do to make our lives better without any intervention of the government power. Charity begins at home.When we start electing people on merit without bias towards their caste, religion, religion & language we would become a good country. And it won't take centuries for India to become a great nation. Lets us rise above our narrow biases and work unitedly for our country. Swamis must not preach healthcare unless they study medicine in an medical institute and also keep away from half truths about economics till they study the fundamentals of economics.

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