April 17, 2011

Free the land for people

Well you would say the sky & the land are already for the people! The world, led by India, puts enormous stress on the supply of land for human use. The land prices in India have risen exponentially in last decade due to many reasons  including non economic ones too. When we are designing the office spaces it has been observed that large square meters of expensive estate has to be left for passages, approach road and parking etc on the ground level. Most often office buildings & surrounding landscapes fail to look pretty & attractive due to the people crowding the narrow pathways.

Let me suggest a solution to maintain the beauty of the building complex while providing a high position to the people using the building! How about building a system of steel bridges to connect various buildings with the parking & reception area? Think of an building complex wherein you park your car in designated area and climb onto a steel bridge that would take you to the destination. Imagine how much better you would feel walking above the building to go for work? This would free the land on the ground for other uses.  Secondly such bridges would allow better crowd control during emergencies too. I am waiting to see such university complex designed by a bright architect coming up sooner which would free the sky for the people.

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