April 12, 2011

Anna Live show: a ripple effect of WC cricket advertising rupees

Sometimes the wise cynical guys could be right in saying 'Money makes the mare go'! Why not apply the underlined wisdom of the phrase to understand the phenomenal success of Anna Hazare's crusade for the LokPal? Was it pure coincidence that such continuous media coverage was given to the small NGO protest against corruption? Was it a coincidence that the fast coincided the normal religious observation of fast by majority of Hindus on Navratra? Was it also a coincidence that it happened next day of the world cricket cup in India? There are other many 'whys' that seek answers. Let us try understand the polemics of the chain of events as how the ripple effect advertising from WC led to invention of Anna Hazare live show?

India is a secular socialist republic working as a parliamentary democracy where people can effect change to the constitution through or enact a law by electing their representatives to govern the nation on their behalf. Then whats the need to subvert the established institution ? If all politicians are corrupt then how come one on the side of Anna Hazare is a holy cow? Is Mr Shanti Bhushan better placed than Mr Manmohan Singh on the parameters of honestly & ability? There are many serious questions that are looking for answers.

The media has recently made a pile of advertising revenue from World Cup. Believe me our media is doing a disservice to the nation by promoting cricket for their selfish profit motives without regard to the harm it does to other sports in India. Cricket is a all day sport that gives media eye balls to run the advertisements to rake in money. Media do not share the advertising money earned from WC cricket with promotion of sports in India. This time industry had changed its media buying strategy to game by game basis from the earlier bulk deals. Therefore with the India's victory at the event there were large scale advertising funds looking for an opportunity to get promote themselves. Consequently the marketing departments of the media companies may have persuaded the editorial guys to create a mass event culminating in focus on the fast of Anna Hazare to make it a rolling event for advertising needs.  

You wonder that just a few days ago, a similar event led by Gandhian Seva and Satyagraha Brigade, an all-India NGO of Gandhian persuasion, was organised at same place but it did not got covered in electronic media. Ask Arnab goswami why did he not cover it? What was his motive? It was appalling to see media anchors churning out tasteless commentary as if the entire India has been involved.

Some people say media is getting back at the government to keep it under pressure from allowing entry of foreign media into India. Also many media companies have 'treaties' with large number of business houses therefore media has to keep those company stock prices in good shape to earn profits. Despite Government of India's appeals our media continues to portray a negative image of India abroad. What national purpose they are serving is beyond the imagination of ordinary citizens. Radia tapes has exposed the unholy nexus of media & politicians in promoting corruption in India and the same media is shouting hoarse over the corruption in India. Why?

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