June 19, 2010

The Art.... & Science of Living

All of us must have had the opportunity to sit through the motivational training organized routinely by the every corporate. You must have listened to speakers egging you to have a never say die attitude & keep fighting with a smile as they describe meticulously about certain successful people & their struggles in life. They tell you that you have not seen enough troubles as by those great people, so you are lucky.

All such motivational speakers can be classified into two broad categories. Firstly those who tell you that all you could do is work hard & it is the God almighty that decides your fate, therefore you must smile even in adversity as you have no other choice. Second types of speakers tell you to work hard, manage your time & so on. After you come out of the motivational shows you realized that nothing has changed. The issues that de-motivated you still exist. How could you a turn a blind eye to the real world problems?

The solution to such problems could lay in developing a new approach to problem solving in the corporate life. Certain people could feel bored as their work is repetitive. So instead of packing those into a room with a guru or motivational speaker would be wrong. Instead let them take a scheduled break away from the desk depending upon their interest. Some executives may have personal issues therefore the company could provide counseling from a psychologist or psychiatrist depending on the situation.

It would be pertinent to solve the problems of the people rather than expose them to empty chat sessions without any real value. A glass of cold water, a drink, a brisk walk can give greater happiness than the value offered by a Shiv Khera or Art of Living talk. All we have to do is identify the issue that bothers us & find a unique solution to it. That’s all. One size never fits all & same is true for the pep talks of speakers.

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Anonymous said...

That is what we need to believe instead of going to what others do or others believe. Instead we need to look upon ourselves and see what we can do and what we can take up.

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