May 29, 2010

Value of Keeping the promise in Marketing

Its a norm in India that whenever someone make an exaggerated claim or simply put lie he would explain it away by saying that he was marketing himself. Therefore marketing is synonymous with making tall claims and communicating hyperbole.

Well its an established practice & one can not wish it away. If this is marketing than how would be keep the trust  of a customer which is important for success of a business enterprise? Any organisation that fails to keep the trust of its customers would cease to exist sooner than later.

Marketing understands, bring close & bind a customer to a business organisation through a promise that has been tested over a period. Whenever the seller wishes to make a change to this relationship it has to explain to the customer the underlying rational of such a necessity otherwise powerful brands like Coke too can not dare to affect change to the relationship.

Successful organisations know the value of a promise and the promising returns brought by an true relationship with the customers. Lets make promises that we can keep for success in marketing.

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