June 19, 2010

Butter Marketing of Biscuits in the land of Desi Ghee…

India is unique for its food and the culinary variety & tradition. Our Mughlai curries, south Indian, Bengali sweets & Punjabi tandoori preparations are popular globally. It amazes me that despite unique food habits the marketers have failed to develop a truly Indian food brand comparable to Mcdonalds & fries.

Reasons are many foremost one is our predominant habit of being the risk averse-traditional society. Otherwise a Samosa has all the power to challenge a burger provided a Reliance or Tata backs it. Surprisingly we are known for spices since ages but no one has taken the challenge to market a parantha. Parantha & kathi rolls in my opinion can surely give fight to a Pizza. I wonder when so many major companies have invested in retailing in India but none is ready to promote a major food brand for domestic market.

I had the opportunity to consult very briefly with a Ludhiana based biscuit manufacturer. Their product mix has glucose, butter, cookies & cream products. In fact most Indian biscuit manufacturers have butter biscuits for the market. How unimaginative?

India loves its desi ghee & desi ghee is a premium product. Why can’t we have a desi ghee biscuit brand? What stops India?

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