October 8, 2010

The politics of population

Many of the participants & visitors at the CWG Delhi are completely baffled by seeing swarm of people around them at all places. Well I too fell uncomfortable in Delhi coming from Chandigarh seeing so many humans around me all the time.

We all agree that India has too large a population. But the agreement ends there only as two diametrically opposite opinions begin to emerge from this point onwards. One set of Economists and politicians consider it as a daunting challenge to the very survival of India whereas the other group takes it as an opportunity for greater progress in future in terms of more hands to produce more goods & services. I wonder how could these ‘additional’ workforce could be economically productive when there are not enough jobs for the present number of youth in India.  Population explosion is leading to alarmingly high numbers of stressed out unemployed youth looking for work.

Our economy even with double digit growth cannot provide jobs to most if not all the youth in another 3-4 decades. So what will happen to us in 2020 when large numbers of youths would be out there without gainful employment on our city streets? Over supply of labour in a free economy has its own dangers expressed in terms of under employment and low wages etc. The stress of competition to succeed in school exams is driving our kids mad, there joy has been sapped. How could you expect them to enjoy life on this planet when they find even the survival is threatened at home in India?

Population in India is a political issue. Some Indians may be giving birth to more than 1-2 children due to lack of education etc but majority of them are doing it deliberately to add numbers to their tribe.  What will happen to the progress & stability of India? Where will we accommodate such large population? We cannot wait till all Indians get enlightenment to restrict the family size to reasonable number of 1 or 2 only.  The government must discourage citizens from producing more than 2 children, I fully understand that many political parties & politicians would not agree to this suggestion citing many laughable reasons. At the back of their mind is the hideous intent of swelling their numbers to have more power in a democratic India. What will those guys do with power when the country may fail under the weight of ungovernable population?  If you love India please do not have more than 1-2 children.

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