October 9, 2010

Laloo may race ahead on his Motorbike in Bihar elections

Laloo’s promise of giving motorcycles to the youth in Bihar has put Nitin on defensive. There is nothing new about giving away goodies in elections in India. Southern states have been using the power of giving free televisions etc to the electorates with great results. There is nothing wrong about making a public promise of giving things to people to improve their lives. How many people are can afford to buy a bike in Bihar?  Such tactics are good for our democracy & would catalyze the economy of the state.

Infact it would be ideal if our political parties can make similar promises during elections so that citizens may have a better standard of living. Criticism of such policies is both wrong and devoid of any moral & legal force. I would love to live the day when a political party promises housing to their voters.

The way political & social system works in India would take centuries for people to get rid of their poverty and have some life.  The political players raise billions of rupees for their election campaign & use it for their own benefit. The voters get nothing in return except a lame promise.  It certainly does not amount to bribing the voters as there is nothing hidden about the promise. This kind of practice may strengthen the system.

The political parties have been known to give money & liquor to electorate during elections. That is immoral & corrupt practice. I would be pleased to see parties entering competitive mode in giving gifts to people so that ordinary people could raise their standard of living. Just imagine how the enhanced mobility with a mobike would add to the economy of the individual & society at large.  

This would lead to greater production of goods & services that in turn would contribute to the economic progress of the nation.  Let the political parties come forward and make such promises to the voters.  The skepticism about resources to fund such give aways is completely misplaced as we all understand the fund raising ability of our politicians and also know a thing about the size of parallel economy in India. It’s a win-Win for all.

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