January 22, 2010

IPL is not India Pakistan league

Some say that cricket in India is a religion, well that's almost true. Like religion depends on faith as compared to demonstrable scientific phenomenon so is the Indian cricket. There are several arguments about the popularity of cricket in India despite several other team sports available and played by millions of Indians. Cricket is like a long film which gives us an opportunity to spend our time without much exercise of the brain or limbs. It suits our temperament. Other games have speed, continuous action, involvement and rush of adrenalin therefore cricket is better, it is some work, some leisure and takes lots of our time. Did you ever wonder why we have 3 hour films, even without a clear story line? That's cricket!

The commotion created by exclusion of Pakistani players from IPL has shown how similar the two countries are in our behavior. Pakistani establishment is livid about denial of earnings to their cricketers as if they had a share in that. The IPL guys were doing a right thing as per their thinking by avoiding Pakistani cricketers they could save the league. The IPL management knows that large section of Indian society and their political crusader parties prefer not to have any relations with Muslim Pakistan as it suits their vote bank therefore inclusion of Pakistani players would have given those guys an opportunity to target the league and damage it.

If Pakistan believes that they are helpless in curbing terrorist activity from its soil how can Pakistan government assume that Indian government is capable of handling such elements within India? Don't they know that in the past pitches have been dug in India? So the IPL guys are just protecting their commercial interests, not playing any politics. The financial loss of Pakistani players is just another example of what terrorism can do to the world.

I have close affinity with Pakistani people because they look, eat, talk & feel like me and we both have developing economies. Let us all wait for a time when our countries become more civilized members of the world community and focus our energies of bringing happiness to our families by stopping all kinds of violence and leave the war to our military establishment only.


Anonymous said...

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sam said...

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