January 15, 2010

The blues of the 'Blue Ocean Strategy' ?

Na i certainly am not interested in writing an unauthorised review of the Blue Ocean Strategy by WC KIm & Renee. The book in fact is inspirational. Its emphasis on finding blue markets through NEW way of analysing the markets is commendable though not really a new idea. Marketing lives on the power of the new and so does life and us. Let us examine some new prodct ideas here:

1 Shirt with three pairs of Changeable collars and cuffs: Twin color shirt: Shirt is the main male dress that has stopped evolving. Why not have a shirt that comes with three pairs of matched cuffs & collars so that it could be worn three times before a wash. Great economy and style that would be.

2. Desi Ghee in Pouch/satchets: Indians eat lots of desi ghee ( Clarified butter). Ghee is bought in Kg packs then used with a measure of spoon for garnishing the curries and vegetables. Why cann't we have Desi Ghee packed in 2-5 gms satches like shampoo and ketch up? Open a satchet and pour into dal or sabji!

3. Joy stick steering in cars: Steering wheel can be replaced with a joy stick to save space in car. It would lead to better driving pleasure as the driver would be able to keep it any place close to the body and saves money. Tata Nano could try that.

4. Classroom Video notes: Indian classroom is based on teacher to group teaching method and the students are hardly encouraged to ask questions. Why not record the teacher's lectures in video format and let the class see. Questions if any can be asked through emial. This would eliminate the need for teacher to go to class and save salary for the institute.

If you need any innovation write me, easy!

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