November 6, 2008

Obama lessons for India

What lessons can we draw from Barack’s selection by the majority of people of the USA as their 44th President? Both India & USA are democratic & multiracial societies. We both have experienced deep divisions amongst our people, although divisions in India are definitely run into several layers. And we have suffered terrorism. But how can we prepare for a better future?

We can prepare for future only if we focus in that direction! Unfortunately we still long for the long lost golden past. You would agree that human beings can be happy despite whatever culture and religion they are born into. It is time for us to think on geo-economic lines rather geo-political factors. Providing reasonable living standards for every Indian shall be the guiding principle for us to conduct our politics and social life in place of counting the numbers in our tribe.

We would be a happy nation if we judge people by the merit of their character rather than how/which god they pray to, which part of country they live in or which caste they belong to. What kind of india we would have in future if we cast our vote along caste, language, religion lines? Ability and strength of character should be only criteria to select people to lead the country on the path to progress. Let us vow not to vote on the basis of caste, religion, region and other such unimportant factors and select our leaders on the basis of strength of their character and ability.

How can we expect to be reasonable place to live in, if we can not provide jobs and rule of law in India? Why should we use religious and cultural symbolism to unite/divide us? It is a futile exercise. Iraq and Iran have fought many wars even when they belong to same religion. Europe also have fought amongst themselves several times despite their allegiance to a particular way of life. And India has also experienced the madness of small Rajas belonging to same religion fighting with each other. Why seek pride in things like caste, religion etc when those things can not make us happy and living on earth more meaningful.Wake up India and become a happy country. Let us choose happiness over pride

It is better to be happy than proud!

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