October 3, 2008

NewClear India!

Thank God, The deal is done. We are a recognized nuclear state, or shall we say a newclear power? INC has been saying that it would help us seek more high technology collaborations with the rest of the world besides providing a clean source of energy. Left parties are doing their harmless regular stuff. The BJP is in a fix, so it is talking about the restrictions on tests. But how much this deal would impact the fortunes of Congress party in the coming election the jury is still out?

India is warming up for another national election in early 2009. So you see the politicians and parties making suitable poses & noises to allure the voters to select them for the plush jobs in the government. Some of them have announced their candidature too without waiting for the vacancy advertisement. Why does Mr Advani thinks he is most eligible for the job of the PM this time around?

Going into elections the BJP or NDA may consider that since he has worked for long period, and have aspired for even longer, so why not let a senior leader to fulfill his desire. Do the majority of the workers in BJP approve of his candidature? And what if the voters did not approve of his candidature? Wouldn’t that be really embarrassing situation to be in for him post elections? After all he has been a fighter, or shall we say a Rath Yatri, all his life.

But well into 21st century now would it be good for us to have a leader as PM who loves Chairman Mao style homegrown cultural revolution in India? China has long moved on from Cultural Revolution to economic revolution why should we not? What would India do with a PM who knows more about cultural and religious matters than the fundamentals of economy? Surely BJP has many leaders like Modi, Jaitley, Jaswant etc who while talking about the religio-cultural harangue never lose focus from the economic agenda for our poor country?

Let us forget about the last NDA finance minister who had starting jumping wildly in his chair shouting India Shining, India Shining, when all we had got was a faint hope of prosperity that we may achieve with our persistent efforts in another 30-40 years. Our India needs, like other countries like China, Russia, Brazil, Malaysia have got, a hard working, growth minded, unassuming, silent worker as a PM who should keep working tirelessly without getting carried away by small victories on our hard road to economic development that we all need badly. How can India become great if Indians do not have enough to eat?

Let Nirvik singh of Grey India go gung ho about India Shining because he made the moolah by crafting a communication strategy without qualms about advertising ethics. Nirvik can surely defend his position by saying that if he had not done it someone else would have, but a political party should be careful about its credibility and must not take us for granted. Let us be clear that once BJP have used that shining thing what would they do in the next elections? Without doubt, Nirvik would definitely find new accounts.

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