December 23, 2015

Why Mohan Bhagwat orders review of Gandhi-Ambedkar Reservation system only?

All reservation systems are naturally anti-merit and could only lead to eventual disaster for the people that they aim to protect. Reservations perpetuate hegemony, entitlement of few incompetent individuals over their competent contemporaries by threat of force that could emanate from religion, state or both.  A reservation system not only hurts the Eklavyas but also prepares ground for eventual annihilation of its practitioners like DronaCharyas (Mahabharat Epic). Mother Nature promotes and rewards freedom, equality, competition & rewards merit. Nature is both awesome & beautiful. But unfortunately the social reservation systems are an antithetical to the spirit of the Mother Nature.

There are two reservation systems, not one, prevalent in India which naturally impede meritocracy and consequently weaken the fight against equality, poverty and violence in society. Ironically the more pervasive & powerful reservation system in place is not the one enshrined into the Indian Constitution by MK Gandhi to placate Dr. BR Ambedkar who suffered heinous discrimination due to the mighty reservation system propounded by Hindu religious scholar Manu through Manu-Smriti. Just like an eye for an eye could make the whole world blind therefore a new reservation system to counter the older one could only lead to more darkness in India. Evidently China has galloped miles ahead of India in the fight against poverty and social injustice to become a great country. Merit has no substitute, hence reservation systems of all hues need to go in a global society.

Hindu Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh, a Hindu Supremacist organization sworn to make India a Hindu Nation, have always eulogized the Manu’s reservation system but baulked at the Gandhian-Ambedkar one. It would be extremely rewarding to undertake several research projects to compare & contrast the impact of two reservation systems, Manu Smriti based & Gandhi-Ambedkar pact, on the Indian society after the transfer of power in 1947.Both seem to have outlived their utility in the modern world.

The Gandhi-Ambedkar reservation system gives some protection to the disadvantaged Hindus who have been tortured discriminated as per institutionalized religious tenets of Hinduism. It’s near impossible to fight religious biases with rational legal direct action. Wonder why Gandhi-Ambedkar didn’t take the time tested home grown Indian method to fight the menace of Hindu religious caste system? Guru Nanak Dev ji the founder of Sikhism eliminated the caste system in Punjab region in 15th century itself thus making it the prosperous and honorable society to live in the entire sub-continent.

Sikhism not only made Sikhs a proud nation but also helped Hindus & Muslims to live with each other in spirit of harmony and brotherhood for a century in a region which have been tormented for ages due to caste religious confrontations. Sikhism eliminated the practice of reserving religious jobs to a particular section of Sikh society which led to the decimation of caste system. Unfortunately it seems MK Gandhi’s bias for ancient Hinduism and Ambedkar’s lack of courage led to their agreement which is nothing but seeking an eye for an eye to deal with the Hindu caste system. No wonder the monstrous caste discrimination has not only strengthened in Hindu society but also have spread its tentacles into other religions that strictly prohibits it.

Will Mohan Bhagwat the powerful chief of the Hindu Rashtriya outfit initiate a review of the more hurtful reservation system that reserves millions of jobs in Hindu temples for Brahmins only? The day Hindus begin to appoint temple priests on merit rather than on caste it would be impossible for anyone to discriminate against fellow humans and benefit from it. All Indians, Hindus particularly, need to work towards a future where each citizen competes on merit without any crutches of any kind of reservation quota system imposed either by Manu-Smriti in the name of Hinduism and the one of Gandhi-Ambedkar sort. No country can survive & win without embracing merit wholeheartedly and history of India provides ample proof of it. Hope Mohan Bhagwat will demand review of both the reservation systems prevalent concurrently in India for sake of its survival.

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