February 14, 2013

Hugh Hefner & Pope Benedict XVI : two Octogenarians !

The Head-priest of Roman Catholics Pope Benedict XVI has decided to lay down his office by end of February 2013. So what happens to future of Hope Industry? Will the NAV of the well listed commodities like Hope, Courage, Mind & Body and Persistence would be hammered severely in the short run? Will the experts continue to pontificate about the value of staying invested for a long term for better returns?

Body & Mind
Hugh Hefner renewed his contract with life by taking on new responsibility by expanding his relationship sphere to include a 24 year girl recently. Pope Benedict XVI has decided retire due to ill health. Many in Motivation industry insist that good thoughts improve the physical health. In India a Hindu preacher has built huge empire by promoting a breathing exercise to millions worldwide.  Such professionals make money by preaching about enormous benefits of ‘Dhayan’ and meditation. Such preachers argue that stress is bad & should be removed by altering breathing pattern. On the contrary Yoga exponents insist on physical exercise to achieve & maintain better mental health. In a way both promise to improve mind & body health.  The Pope would have known much more than Hugh Hefner about the benefits of maintaining healthy mind & body.

Never give up. We all have read, heard & taught stories of the seminal virtue of never giving up in the line of duty. Stephen Hawking is a living example of the power of human will. You can’t give up. Most religions exhort the believers to lay down life happily in the battle for human dignity but suicide is forbidden.  In everyday office situation many executives face the dilemma of resign or continue in the job.  At home too many challenges come up. Is it possible to be courageous most of the times and face the challenges? Or would it be wiser to exit from a stressful situation? In both scenarios the line between expected & unexpected may not be as clear. Can giving up a stressful job or relationship be considered smart strategy in real world? When can you throw in the towel in the game of life? It certainly isn’t one-dimensional.  Is there more fun in being Felix Baumgartner?

Love Life
Religion tells us to love life. In history whenever mankind faced terrible tragedies it took shelter in religious teachings for courage & fortitude. Love has been given status equal to the God himself. Love for work, nature & humanity forms the cornerstone of all religions. But love is hard to define. The atheists & believers may not agree on the existence of God but they don’t spar on the value of love for living a meaningful life. The debate on what is love may never end like the search for God. Hugh Hefner definition of love may not find sanction of religious leaders. 

Question is did Pope XVI give up? Will it jolt the Hope industry and affect business of Motivation peddlers like Deepak Chopras, Shiv Kheras & Stephen Coveys ? 

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