September 16, 2011

We look before & after

India is home to 15 percent of humanity living on a proportionately smaller piece of land area. An average Indian has only ….of land as compared with the world average of $. The only other country having the population size of India but in possession of 3 times of land is China. Therefore comparing India with China is purely natural & logical.

India takes pride in its democratic set up although this set up has failed to deliver basic sustenance to vast sections of society. People like Anna hazare find many faults with it despite their lack of education & serious analysis. China seems to be ahead of India in almost every sphere including economic, social & political. India despite its economic growth has been unable to showcase any other achievements.

Our population fuelled by zealous exhortations by RSS to majority community has grown to a monstrous level. It has resulted in major structural problems including lower visible impact of economic growth on majority of citizens.  Lack of opportunities in domestic area propels the locals to migrate to greener pastures within India and outside. It creates significant challenges for them and the people living in the areas they migrate to. Unless we check the population on the lines of China there would be no respite for us from diverting resources meant for building India as a super power in 21st century to feeding the ever growing numbers in Hindi speaking states in India.

People like Anna Hazare think that corruption in India can be handled with enactment of a law against it. Hazare’s belief is like looking for love in an arranged marriage which is also founded on the idea that when people start spending time together they would be forced to like each other, or they must like each other.
Corruption certainly retards economic progress of a nation & it most certainly destroys a level playing field for each citizen. Democracy is predicated on a principle of equality therefore equality before law remains the cornerstone of a robust democracy. How could we be an equal country when LK Advani gets to sit in parliament despite his advocacy for upholding of his ‘Aastha’ that led to demolition of Babari Mosque? No ‘Aastha’ could be given importance over law of the land. An unequal society would always be corrupt despite laws against, because it is founded on discriminatory ideologies.

India is a strange place where cacophony for resurrection of ‘old values’ reverberates more loudly than the desire for a new more meaningful modern future. India is great place for smart swamis who escaped the rigour of education and hard labour by joining some religious organization where they spent time talking to similar people and discussing some old books. They never underwent the hard grind of earning a livelihood and taking responsibility for contributing to economic development of India. But India seems to prefer smart swamis over hard working honest guys.

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