March 27, 2011

Car Ventilation system -First time in the world

Cars come with air conditioning that works in running condition only. We have not bothered to create hot air ventilation systems for cars for the markets having hotter climes. Particularly those people who commute to work in car and who have to park the car in an open parking lot in hot summer conditions like India it becomes very difficult to get in the car in the evening. The car feels like oven and that also damages the seat fabric and plastics used inside the car.

A simple ventilation system can do the trick to keep the car cool during parking and it sure can become a selling feature for the new launches. I have a design ready with me and discussing with few auto companies to use this gadget in the cars. It costs around 2000-3000 depending upon the variant and keeps the car and the people in great comfort.  I am looking for advice for global patent for this idea and design of the devise. If you are interested please join me in bringing this innovation to the masses.

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