August 7, 2010

What’s not wrong with the golden bird?

Well there are people & groups in India that talk about the ancient glory of India, and others who do not seem to agree with the opinion. I have grown up hearing that once upon a time India was a golden bird, sparrow to be precise, then hordes of marauding armies attacked us and plundered our wealth rendering us a poor place. In the 80s, as a young boy in love with himself I tried to seek out explanations about several shortcomings that plague my identity & persona.

Youth in general are beautifully free from all the muck of centuries that pollute our mental spaces. Those were the goggleless days, so you got to find & read books. Reading books is a markedly different from reading online as books have physical & more sensual contact with the reader.

Excuse me for saying that books are sexy. The youth would reject it & the traditionalist would disown me. Anyways books exude a warmer charm unlike the cold plastic feel you get from your personal computer. Wish the pc maker change the plastic feel that comes when you touch a machine.

Returning back to the topic of what’s not wrong with India, let me say that the most glorious thing about India is that it has not yet given up. Uh! India is a survivor. You can notice a look of struggle to succeed writ large on the faces of millions of Indians. Despite in the face problems like population, poverty, cultural shit, & lack of character there still bloom a lonely Infosys & Naraynamurthy, TATA under Rattan, PM Manmohan Singh and more like them. They are our hopes of a better world India sans cultural bias, efficient, incorruptible, and hard working.

When I was in Universities in my youth most of us agreed that it’s not possible to succeed in India without being morally, culturally & financially corrupt.  So we thought that those of us who have character, charisma & knowledge would not succeed in India and would have to migrate to a place outside India. That explains why so many Punjabi youth longs to get out of India on a first available flight. But the scene has changed in the last decade. I do tell my son that now it’s possible to work hard & succeed in India now.

India is bogged down by its not so glorious past, so sooner we get rid of that and move on better it would be for India.

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