July 2, 2010

Need for a higher degree of probability of outcome

Despite extensive study & advancements in the field of  marketing management, there are few marketing managers who could underwrite the success of a  Product Launch ?  Corollary could be the business enterprise itself & the prevalence of uncertainty cited as a rule almost. If it is not possible to predict the quality of a tool & clarity in a concept, why go on pontificating about it as the must know aspect in the business studies?

I am in the know of few Marketing Managers who say that they have the ability to underwrite the success of their plans. Wow, the management teachers at hallowed business schools keep shouting about the existence of ‘alternatives’ as against ‘the solutions’. They say the strategic alternative you select is just another alternative that looks most probable & that as a rule there are no the solutions to the problems of business world.

Let me clarify it further. Assuming that you wish to launch a product after estimating its demand and fine tuning your business plans relative to your goals but still no one would say for surety about the degree of success citing of the project as a consequence of environmental uncontrollable factors. Well management science and/or art is not mathematical in its nature. But we require certain concepts, tools & practices that have predictable outcome so that risks could be minimized.

What use is the gun that cannot hit target for surety?   Let us list marketing management tools that offer security of known outcome and those managers who could eliminate the variability altogether.

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