February 2, 2010

Always New Products-Good for the Environment

Cutomers always want to have new prodcuts as against the old but they do not want to go through the buy, discard and replace cycle all by themselves. It is the job of marketing professionals and the manufactureres to fulfill the desires of the market. So waht are you doing to achive it?

The durable industry has to constantly churn out new upgraded versions of thier offers to remain competitive in the market. This is leading to huge mountains of hazardous waste and also depresses the replacement demand. With economic slowdown markets have undergone profound changes and it is going to be entirely new place with new set of rules for success.

Although new capacities are being added the form of emerging economies of BRIC countries but still the way
people buy & consume products nd services would never be same as it were in pre-meltdown era. There are many ways to do it.

Toyota can market its flagship Corolla brand as a Always New Car. Or a TATA  motors can market its Indica on the simillar platform. Nokia. Motorolla, Apple, Sony must consider such marketing so as to delight the consumers and remain socially responsible too. How to do it is not very complex just contact me.

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