June 25, 2009

Marketing Challenges to SMEs in Punjab

Do you have a happy order book? If not have you been careless about keeping track of your old customers? Do you wait for a customer to come in or be proactive in approaching her?These probably may be some of the cliched questions you have come across on your quest at the various seminars organised for the Small and medium enterprises. Marketing that is searching, identifying, satisfying, delighting and keeping up with customers remain the most important challenege for the SME sector.

I have often faced this question while at trhe ice breaking meetings with family held organisations i approach for business. Most realize that there are many things that they would like to improve in their businesses but how should they approach & fix the problems.

Well first of all select a prticular goal you would like to achieve faster but do not know which direction to head. Would it be possible to grow both top and botom lines in tandem? Would it be possible to scale up operations withour defining the span of control leading to less clear division of the task within an orgaanisation.Let us begin at the beginning. Take help to structure of your organisation. This may help you to discover underutilised assets and overlapping & conflicting jobs.

Well an enterprise has the principal purpose of delighting the customers which leads to higher value for all the stake holders. A great organisation never takes its eyes off its customers. Investers need only monetary benefits, that a delighted customer may provide in any quantum.

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